At Unity Media Limited, recently re-branded as Cartwright Entertainment Group, we strive to insure that our productions represent the best in TV production and represent the gospel music genre at the highest of standards.  Now in our 21st consecutive year in domestic syndication we have no plans to stop offering our audiences the finest in established and new inspirational talent.  It is our goal to continually uplift and inspire our audiences here in the US and abroad.  This while providing an advertiser friendly TV platform for corporations seeking to reach the AA faith-based and general market consumer..

Gospel Superfest is owned by Unity Media Limited of Ohio

Gospel Superfest .......

Dr. Bobby Cartwright, Jr.

Gospel Superfest is executive produced

by its founder Dr. Bobby Cartwright, Jr. who is a native of Dayton, OH.  Dr. Cartwright

studied music theory & Composition at Kentucky State University and has toured with numerous secular bands down through the years. Cartwright is a highly respected musician, TV producer and marketing professional with over 40 years of production & sales experience.  These and many other attributes have assisted Unity Media in becoming a world-class marketing & production firm and the most widely distributed black-gospel TV brand in US history.