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The Cartwright Foundation's scholarship fund will soon take tax deductible donations to assist in efforts to mentor music and arts students in the southern Ohio region.  Please continue to visit this web site for updates on when you are able to contribute. 


Scholarship Fund in honor of Gail Frances Cartwright-Peoples, the sister

of GSF Founder, Dr. Bobby Cartwright.

Please click on the contact button at the top of the site and leave your information if you would like to receive details on the fund.  The inaugural scholarships have been funded by the Cartwright Family.

Gospel Superfest is one of the leading productions in the field of inspirational music-driven television series and specials.  This "state of the art"-"best-in-class" event continues to inspire, uplift and encourage audiences throughout the US and abroad....

Please enjoy some highlights from previous productions above...

Gospel Superfest Television is the flagship program of Unity Media Limited.  That said, the firm is well versed in multiple areas of production, marketing and sales.

The Cartwright Foundation!


“Gospel Superfest is what we're all about as artists. I love their professionalism and attention to detail."


Karen Clark-Sheard

Recording Artists /Label Owner

Each year Unity Media, the producers of Gospel Superfest release four one-hour specials and one two-hour specials in Syndication.  The firm also produces a two-hour holiday extravaganza for the TV One Network.  Check your local listings...

To advertise at one of our live recordings please go to the contacts page and fill out the form.  One of our enthusiastic sales representatives will be in touch.  Gospel Superfeset is a fully integrated marketing opportunity with regional and national reach.

  • Original TV content and programming
  • Integrated Marketing
  • TV production and Editing
  • Event /Tour Management
  • Broadcast Consulting

“When you appear on Gospel Superfest you are playing one of America's biggest stages in the field.  And we see the results every time we appear on the program."


Dorinda Clark-Cole

Recording Artists /Evangelist

What industry pros say about us....

“The Gospel Superfest is the best thing that ever happened to gospel music!"


Father Charles Hayes

Cosmopolitan Church Choir "The Warriors"

“Gospel Superfest is one of the greatest shows on television... It has something for everybody."


Ricky Dillard

Choir Director /Producer "New G"

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